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I keep seeing this meme going around that first Dragon Age fans were compaining about the Bisexual characters in DA2 and now they’re complaining about the straight characters in DA3 because they can’t make up their damn minds.

That is not what happened.

We are talking about two completely…

I disagree.

If Bioware had listened to the bigoted gamerdudes, then we would ONLY have straight options. As it is, that same group is probably going to be displeased when they are flirted with by Dorian/Iron Bull/other Bi dude.

Additionally, there were people who complained about the DA2 love interests because they cared about representation. Making a character romanceable to both genders does not necessarily make them bisexual. It makes them player-sexual. For instance, Anders only mentions that he and Karl had been lovers to a male Hawke. A female Hawke would have no reason to assume that Anders had ever been with another man.

The characters in DA:I will have sexualities that stand on their own, apart from what gender the player is. Dorian isn’t only going to mention that he likes guys if you are a guy. Josephine isn’t only going to mention liking girls if you are a girl. The game is not catering to the player. It’s real representation.

No one should feel betrayed because a company decided to give their characters human qualities.

I’m no good at debating or arguing or anything like that, but the way I see it there are valid complaints about some of the sexualities. If Cassandra and Cullen really are the two most important to the plot? That might be a problem. If Dorian is actually a ridiculous stereotype? That might be a problem.

But Bioware catering to biogots… by making two characters out of eight straight? I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s correct. If I misunderstood your post please correct me. If you want to discuss if more I’ll try. But… yeah.

(Also, I’m just assuming that Iron Bull and the other two open slots for LIs will be Bi. I don’t have conformation on that.) 


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Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.